Friday Night Magic

FNM Schedule

July 6th

Magic 2019 Draft $15
Standard $5

July 13th

Magic 2019 Draft $15
Brawl $5

July 20th

Magic 2019 Draft $15
Standard $5

July 27th

Magic 2019 Draft $15
Brawl $5

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, July 11th

Dragon Ball Super Local Tournament - $5


Sunday, July 15th

Vintage Magic


Wednesday, July 18th

Dragon Ball Super Local Tournament - $5


Saturday, July 21th

Vikings Gone Wild demo with Krystle


Wednesday, July 25th

Dragon Ball Super Local Tournament - $5


Sunday Funday Info

Sunday Funday will be a magic series that takes place on the last Sunday of every month in 2018. These are $10 magic events and will change throughout the year. A booster box is guaranteed at 8 people and the winner of each event will be invited to an 10 man magic spectacular in December that will be sweet. Winner of that event will get a special prize TBD as the year goes on, but it will be sweet, we guarantee that. More info to follow.

In addition to this schedule, every last FNM of the month will the constructed format will be the Sunday Funday format!!!

Event list so far:
February: Tiny Leaders (had 21 people, John W. with Glissa won)
(Banlist and info here:
March: Pauper (had 16 people, Ryan M. with Delver won)
April: Old School (Proxy anything over $50) (Wayne with BW Aggro Discard)
May: Brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ryan Ritravato with Nicky B)
June: NO BANLIST MODERN!!!!!!! (Chris W with ELDRAZI)



Meet the new DM for D&D

“Three and a half years have passed since plants have taken over the world of Sielia, and within it, the city of Kanavan. Since then, camps have been formed by the leaders of the old world and have been given specific orders to lay low until a formal decision is made. Every man, woman, and child was allotted to a new home, a small tribe, safe from the plants and fungi. Families were separated, and life as the world once knew it has changed. 40 months have passed since your characters were assigned to Camp RC04, and food and water is running out. The kind old Reverend Eastin, the leader of RC04, has recruited the group of you, the players, to go on a dangerous mission to secure the future of the camp. How will you survive?

The group will meet once per week on Sundays at 2 PM through 6 PM every week, with the adventure continuing as long as people show up. The system is 5th edition D&D, and anyone with a basic grasp of the rules is welcome. Characters will be made at ‘Meet the DM Night’, and any questions can be answered there, or if you email me at I am a reasonably experienced DM, but I am still learning. Additionally, I will be restricting the playable races to human (variant allowed), elf, half-elf, dwarf, rock gnome and halfling, to preserve the integrity of the world (sorry dragonborn and goblins, you just don’t fit). “


Core Set 2019 Pre-release:

Pre-registration for the Core Set 2019 Pre-release the weekend of 07/07/18 and 07/07/18 is open now at DMIG. We will be running 4 events, a midnight pre-release event on Friday night at midnight after Friday Night Magic (which FNM that night is draft and Standard), a pre-release event on Saturday at noon, a 2-Headed Giant pre-release event at 6 pm on Saturday night and a pre-release event on Sunday at noon. Everyone who plays in the Friday midnight pre-release will get free pizza. The Prize Support for the pre-releases is double the support Wizards suggests. The normal prize support packs will be given out at the pre-releases and then players will get the extra prize support packs the following weekend when the set releases. The cost of the pre-release is $35 per event. If you pre-register, WHICH HAS TO BE PAID BY THURSDAY THE 5TH OF JULY, they are $30 each. If you play in all 4 events, they are $25 each. It is very imperative that if you want to play in the pre-release events that you pre-register as we are only allocated so many kits and we will sell out of spots.

We are also taking Core Set 2019 booster box pre-orders at $99.99 plus tax. If you pre-order a box and PAID BY THURSDAY THE 5TH OF JULY, you can pick the box up durring pre-release weekend!

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