Friday Night Magic

FNM Schedule

November 22nd

Throne of Eldraine Draft $15
Pioneer $5

November 29th

Throne of Eldraine Draft $15
Pioneer $5

December 6th

Throne of Eldraine Draft $15
Pioneer $5

December 13th

Throne of Eldraine Draft $15
Pioneer $5

December 20th

Throne of Eldraine Draft $15
Pioneer $5

December 27th

Throne of Eldraine Draft $15
Pioneer $5

Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 23rd

Yugioh Day - Possible prize of you play at least 10 Mystic Fighters cards

2pm - $12

Saturday, November 23rd

Standard Showdown

6pm - $5

Sunday, November 24th


Noon - $10 - Pot Luck if you want to bring food

Sunday, November 24th

Yugioh Charity Tournament

2pm - 5 Canned Goods or $5 - Also Pot Luck if you want to bring food

Sunday, November 24th

Transformers Monthly Tournament Series

2pm - $25

Saturday, November 30th

Brawl Showdown

6pm - $5

Saturday, December 7th

Standard Showdown

6pm - $5

Sunday, December 8th

Vintage Magic Tournament Series

Noon - $35

Saturday, December 14th

Brawl Showdown

6pm - $5

Saturday, December 21st

Standard Showdown

6pm - $5

Saturday, December 28th

Brawl Showdown

6pm - $5

Sunday Funday Info

Sunday Funday will be a magic series that takes place on the last Sunday of every month in 2019. These are $10 (ish) magic events and will change throughout the year. A booster box is guaranteed at 10 people (on constructed events) and the winner of each event will be invited to an 11 person magic spectacular in December that will be sweet. Winner of that event will get a special prize TBD as the year goes on, but it will be sweet, we guarantee that. More info to follow.

In addition to this schedule, some of the last FNM of the month will the constructed format will be the Sunday Funday format if possible.

Event list so far:
Jamuary 27th: 4 Pack Sealed (2 Ravnica Allegiance 2 Guilds of Ravnica) $16 at Noon
February 24th: Brawl
March 31st: Ravnica Allegiance Deckbuilder Toolkit Sealed
May 5th (April): 1v1 Commander WotC Commander Rules
May 26: 2-Headed Giant Standard (Limit 4 of each card per team)
June 30th: Canceled
July 28th: Multiplayer Commander – Aiden playing Dinosaurs
August 25th: Pauper Commander
November 24th: Thanksgiving Cube



Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Sale (Prices are plus sales tax)

NOTE: If there are 2 prices after an item such as $x/$x or %x/%x this means that from 9AM to noon on Black Friday the first price is in effect. After that it’s the second price.

Super Special on select Magic Sleeves $3 per pack 25-70% off (retail from $4 to $10) See special table for selection.

All Accessories 25%/15% off (not otherwise discounted)

All Singles – 20%/10% 0ff

Boardgames – 50/40% off
Select Boardgames 60% off!!!!!!

D&D books – 30%/20% off
D&D and Minature Unpainted Miniatures – 25% off

Keyforge Decks – $6/$7
Keyforge Starters – 30% off

Magic Commander Decks $30
Magic Gideon Signature Spellbook $15
Magic Boosters – 3 for $10
Magic Planeswalker Decks – $10
Magic Throne of Eldraine Bundle – $35

Pokemon box product – 20%off
Pokemon all boosters – 3 for $10

Pops! $6.00 each/ 2 for $10.00

Transformers decks – 30% off
Transformers booster packs – 3 for $10

Warhammer – 30%

Yugioh Advent Calendars $10/$12
Yugioh Duel Devastator – $30
Yugioh Chaos Impact boosters – 3 for $10
Yugioh Mystic Fighters boosters – 3 for $10
Yugioh Mystic Fighters booster box – $63
Yugioh Gates of Underworld SD – $7.00
Yugioh Gold Sarc tins – $16
Yugioh Hero Strike SD – 3 for $20
Yugioh Speed Duel booster packs – $1 each
Yugioh Speed Duel booster boxes – $28
Yugioh Speed Duel starter decks – $6

DMIG will be setting up a bargain table Wednesday night after close. This table to sell items at deep discount. Check this table out!

Transformers TCG Tournament Series

This is the Deal Me In Games Monthly Transformers Tournament Series.

It will be run on the last Sunday of every month.

Registration starts at Noon.

Play starts at 2pm.

Cost is $25 with 100% entry payout in store credit.

The format will be constructed.

Hope to see you all here.

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